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Thank you for joining us for the premier of Eve, An Opera on October 28th, 2022 at the Palace of Fine Arts! Chamber musicians from San Francisco Opera and Ballet, New Century Chamber Orchestra, and major Bay Area symphonies joined together to present Eve, an opera about women's exploitation and liberation. The opera functioned in collaboration with aligned Bay Area organizations during Domestic Violence Awareness Month.


Created by Bay Area composer, Andrea Densmore and her son, Tony Owen, Eve weaves a compelling personal story. In addition to exquisite chamber music, this multi-genre contemporary work has a cast of over 50 performers featuring baritone, Terrance Kelly and the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir Ensemble, multiple vocalists, a jazz/blues combo, with aerial, ballet and modern dancers.

Listen here!

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Eve, An Opera 2022 Program
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Images from our 2022 Performance
Photos by Laura Kudritzki
Andrea Densmore

This opera is a collection of work: my opus. It is also my story. To be able to create this art, after all that I’ve been through, is the most tangible proof of my actual healing. May it serve to heal others who have been shut down, oppressed, held back, interrupted, abused.

The honest experience of living inside a female body in our society is finally a valid, front-burner subject. I am grateful for those who came before and actively changed our cultural norms in body-positive ways so that I could celebrate the wonder of my own body. I compose from movement and for movement. My composing for these pieces was, at times, actually sourced from imagining, embodying the actual dancers in this show.

For me the most important ingredient for composing is feeling confident that my work is needed and wanted. This magically opens up the boldly creative channels for me. The time is ripe for this subject matter. It is my honor to invite you to join me this October 28th at The Palace of Fine Arts.


- Andrea Densmore, Creator & Composer of Eve, An Opera

Andrea "Anny" Densmore grew up in a musical and academic family, and came of age in Los Angeles during the 70s. She created the framework for this opera while attending California Institute of Integral Studies' School of Consciousness and Transformation. In March of 2020 she presented the first iteration of Bach’s Daughter, an opera, later named Eve, in completion of the Interdisciplinary Arts and Writing Master of Arts Degree. 

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It's been an honor to co-create this work of art with my mother. I admire her drive and bravery to bring to light this family story that has lurked in the shadows of our hearts for so many years - a story that I never felt completely comfortable discussing in public. However, at this moment in time, it has become important for my family and me to stand in our truth publicly and bring forth this narrative. Through the process of artistic collaboration, we are transforming a tragic old story into a living, breathing act of love and compassion for those who have suffered at the hand of multi-generational-trauma and abuse. I care deeply about this show. I too am a survivor and Eve is also my origin story.

The process of sharing continues to surprise me in just how common analogous versions of our domestic violence story really are among those who I cross paths with. There are many, even among those closest to me who will never fully understand what my family and I have endured to make it here today to sing our song, to tell our story. And to those who unfortunately do, I bring a few simple affirmations my gracious mentors have shared with me and that I hope are helpful:

“You are not alone. We are survivors. There are many of us. Healing is possible. Many have freed themselves and their hearts. Don’t give up. Make Art.”

- Tony Owen, Co-Creator, Composer, Writer and Performing Musician in Eve, An Opera

Antonio "Tony" Owen is a professional guitarist, composer, arranger and producer. A graduate of California Jazz Conservatory, Tony is a music educator and performs all over the SF Bay Area. He can be seen and heard on numerous recordings of The California Honeydrops including "Call It Home", featuring Bonnie Raitt.

In 2021 Tony came on board and was instrumental in bringing the opera to the stage, writing some of Eve’s most important scenes and songs.

Winters End
More Than I Can Bear
The Cast of Eve, An Opera!
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Dave Barry - Don and Sarrah Barry Maninger - Susan Beauchamp
Kim Bender - Boog Bookey - Bolinas Community Center
Jennifer & Chris Brahm - Molly Brown & John Norton - Carlon DeCato
Jennifer Chaiken - Hedy Ciani - Mary Ann & Rob Cook
Tara Coyote - Carla Crane - Bob Densmore - Theresa Donahue
Deborah Fitzpatrick - Mary Ford & Rob Lewis - Bruce Frazer & Meredith Osborne
Harald Frohlich - Anna Gade - Sid & Nancy Ganis - Ellen Georgi
Sarah Hake & Don Murch - Miranda Heller - Thomas Hendrickson
Raymond Kaliski - Joann Kelleher Zelinksy - Steve & Jean Kinsey
Marty Krasney - KWMR - Michael Lander - Lisa Lee - Lucinda Lee Katz
John Lum - Bob MacDonald - Morris MacDonald Family
Toody Maher - Gene Marchi - Ayesha Mathews - Rob Melrose
Leila Monroe - Harriet Moss - Eva & Raymond Orbach
John Osterweis & Barbara Ravizza - Claudia Parducci - Maryann Phipps
Lauren Pollack & Dieter Tremp - Joshua Robinson

SF Domestic Violence Consortium - Judith Shaw - Janine Shiota
Meg Simonds & Mark Butler - Don & Jane Smith - Susan Stewart

Stinson Bolinas Community Fund - Susan Swig - Roxann Thelin
Kristie and John Tillapaugh - Tree Fairy - West Marin Fund - Bonnie Wildorf

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